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Biohazard Trial Edition Competition

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Now you have the chance to own the original Biohazard Trial Edition disc, click the above image to view the details of the competition.

Updated December 2003 18:35
First ever Biohazard 2 images

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Capcom Japan released the first Biohazard 2 images to the press at the Tokyo Game Show in 1996. The images show Leon in the RPD lobby fighting a large number of zombified police officers. This was just the first batch of images (and movies) released of the first unreleased version of Biohazard 2, more commonly known as version 1.5.

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Early Biohazard 2 footage

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Updated December 2002 19:21
Media Section

This is bioflames media section, this section features some exclusive Biohazard 1.5 movies, it also feature the movies
found on Biohazard : Complete Disc.

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Misc Section

This section features things related to Biohazard 2 that doesnt
fit into any other sections at bioflames. Here you will find interviews, images and misc information dealing with
Biohazard 2 version 1.5.

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Facts And Info

This section features known facts and information about version 1.5, for example
here you can find out what characters and enemies were available in the game.

Introduction R.P.D Reception Police Chief's O...
Characters R.P.D Office A R.P.D Weapons S...
R.P.D Lobby R.P.D Shutters R.P.D Firing R...