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Pc games collection for sale

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Joined: 16 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 12:34 am    Post subject: Pc games collection for sale Reply with quote

Ok i have such a back catologue of pc games i wanna get rid of, they arent originals, so they dont have cases or anything, just on cds, i know people will complain saying why would anyone want them but i dunno i need rid of them to make cash, i dont wanna sell them seperalty as they are already burned to discs, so meaning if you wanted one game you woul dhave to get the rest on the disc aswell

heres the list

10 Pro Board Games (C) Globalstar
3D Baseball
3D Hockey
3D Hunting Extreme (C) MDP
3D Ms.Maze: Tropical Adventures (C) Galaxy Software
3D SPACE MOB: The Quest for the Ultimate Token v1.1
Aaron Hall's Dungeon Odyssey (C) Shrapnel Games
Ace Lightning (C) BBC
Ace Lightning +6 Trainer
Ace Lightning Unlocker
Aces of World War I (C) Lemon Interactive
Aces of World War I Outro-Addon (C) Lemon Interactive
Action Man Destruction X MiniGame (C) Infogrames
Actua Golf 2 (C) Gremlin Interactive
Advanced Video Poker v1.02
Advanced Video Poker v1.02 KeyGen
Age Of Empire Guide
Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings Cheat Codes
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors (C) Microsoft
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Speech-Addon
Age Of Mythology (C) Microsoft
Age of Mythology All Levels Cheat
Age Of Mythology Music Addon (C) Microsoft
Age Of Mythology Speech Addon (C) Microsoft
Aikens Artifact Sanity Cheats
Aircraft Factory 99 (c) Abacus
Airfix Dogfighter (C) Paradox Entertainment
Alien Nations Cheat Codes
Alien Vs Predator +2 Trainer
Alien Vs Predator +4 Trainer
Alien Vs Predator ALL Mission Enabler v1.0a
Alien vs Predator Manaul
Alien Vs Preditor Sound Files
AMA Super bike (C) Motorsports Simulations
AMA Superbike Tips
Amazing Blocks 1.1 (C) Stratum Modeling Group
Ambulance Driver (C) Valusoft
American Idol (C) Vivendi
American McGee's Alice (C) EA
American McGee's Alice Movie Addon (C) EA
American McGee's Alice Music Addon (C) EA
American McGees Alice Cheats
Animal Paradise Tycoon (C) Summitsoft
Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure (C) Southpeak
Archangel (C) Jowood
Arkanoid2000 v1.3
Armored Task Force (C) Shrapnel Games
Army Men 2 SaveGame Cheat
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (C) 3DO
Arx Fatalis (C) JoWood
Attack of the Silver Ball (C) RoundHouse Enter;
Backgammon 2.06 (C) Softdisk
Backyard Hockey (C) Infogrames Entertainment
Backyard Hockey Intro-Addon (C) Infogrames
Bad Toys 3D (C) Tibo Software
Ballerburg (C) HD Interactive
Ballerburg +2 Trainer
Barbie Sparkling Ice Show
Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf (C) Ubisoft
Battle Zone II (C) Activision
Battle Zone II (C) Activision Intro Movie Addon
Battlezone II Trainer +3 and Cheats
Beetle Crazy Cup (C) Infogrames / Xpiral
Beetle Crazy Cup SaveGame
Beetle Crazy Cup Trainer
Beetle Crazy Trainer
Big 8 Solitaire v5.0 (C)
Big Game Trophy Hunter (C) Crystal Interactive
Birdie Shoot (C) Epic Entertainment
Black & White (C) Electronic Arts
Black & White Intro Addon (C) Electronic Arts
Black And White +2 Trainer
Black And White Keygen Only
Black And White Mega Trainer
Black And White Unlock Creatures
Boss Rally (C) SouthPeak Interactive
Bowlda Dash
Bridge Deluxe 2 Enhanced (C) Interplay/Oxford Soft
Bubble Hero 2 Trainer +10 And.Passwords
Bugdom (C) Take 2 Interactive
Bust a Move 2 (C) Acclaim/Taito
Car Tycoon (C) Fishtank Interactive
Card Crazy 2 (C) Encore Software
Carmageddon 2 - Carpocalypse Now (C) Sci
Carmageddon II Cheat Codes
Carmageddon II Extras
Carmageddon II GameHack-Table
Carmageddon II Save Games
Catz 5 (C) Ubisoft
Celtic Football Coach (C) Akaei
Championship Manager 2000 Pictures Addon
Championship Manager 3 v3.03b Patch Cracked
Championship Manager Quiz (C) Eidos
Chelsea Official Management Game (C) Just Football
Civilization III: Play the World (C) Infogrames
Combat Command 2: Danger Forward (C) Shrapnel Games
Combat Operation Victory.
Combat Operation Victory.
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Patch 1.17
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun v.1.17 Trainer +1
Corsairs Update Patch Cracked
Crayola Print Factory
Crazy Taxi (C) SEGA
Creatures Genetics Kit (C) Cyberlife Ltd
Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3 (C) Zero Ente;
Crusaders of Might & Magic Codes
Crusaders of Might and Magic (C) 3DO
Crusin USA
Curse You! Red Baron (C) Dynamix/Sierra
Cutthroats (C) Eidos Interactive
Cutthroats Tips
Cutthroats Trainer
DarkStone Editor 0.99 (Editor + Trainer)
Darkstone Faq and Walkthrough V2.1
Deadly Dozen (C) NFusion/Infogrames
Death Match Maker II for Quake 2 (C) Virtus
Deer Hunter 2003 (C) Infogrames
Deer Hunter II Extended Season Addon(C)Wizard Works
Delta Force 2 (C) NovaLogic
Delta Force 2 Codes
Delta Force 2 FINAL v1.00.11
Delta Force 2 Speech and Music Addon (C) NovaLogic
Delta Force 2 v1.02.16 Update
Delta Force Land Warrior Update v1.00.24 Cracked
Delta Force Land Warrior Update v1.00.37 Cracked
Delta Force Update (C) Nova Logic
Delta Force: Land Warrior (C) NovaLogic
Delta Force: Land Warrior Update v1.00.20 (C)NLogic
Descent 3 (C) Outrage
Dethkarz (C) Beam International
Dethkarz Codes
Dink Smallwood (C) RTSoft
Dink Smallwood Addon Kit (C) RTSoft
Dinosaur +5 Trainer
Dinosaur Action Game (C) Disney
Dogz 5 (C) Ubisoft
Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon (C) Activision
Drakan - Order Of The Flame (C) Surreal/Psygnosis
Drakan - Order Of The Flame Trainer
Driver (C) GT Interactive
Driver All Cars & Missions Cheat
Driver Missions Configurator (Registered Game Only)
Driver Training Mission + More Cheat Codes
Duke Nukem Starter V1.3
Dweebs 2: The New Breed (C) Mutation Software
E.T. Away from Home (C) Ubisoft
E.T. Interplanetery Mission (C) Ubisoft
E.T. Phone Home (C) Ubi Soft
Earth 2150 (C) Mindscape/SSI
Earth 2150 Cheat Codes
Earth 2150 Music Addon (C) Mindscape/SSI
Earthworm Jim 3D (C) Interplay
Earthworm Jim 3D Trainer
East Front 2: Fall of the Reich
EB Worlds (C) EBWorld.Com
Ed Hunter (C) EMI Records
Emergency 2 +2 Trainer
Emergency 2 Cheats
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life (C) TAKE
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life Ambient
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life Cutscenes
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life Intro
Empire Of The Ants The Wars In The West (C)Microids
ESPN NFL Primetime 2002 (C) Konami
ET Interplanetary Mission Trainer
Europa 1400 - The Guild (C) Jowood
Europa 1400 - The Guild Intro-Addon (C) Jowood
Europa 1400 - The Guild Music-Addon (C) Jowood
Europa 1400 - The Guild Outro-Addon (C) Jowood
Europa Universalis 2 Update v1.03
European Super League (C) Virgin Interactive
Evil Core: Fallen Cities - FINAL (C) Avaria Corp.
Evil Dead Hail to the King (C) THQ
F/A-18E Super Hornet (C) Digital Integration
F1 2000 Suzuka Track-Fix
F1 World Grand Prix 2000 (C) EIDOS
Far West (C) JoWood
FIFA World Cup 2002 (C) EA Sports
Fighting Steel: WWII Surface Combat 1939-1942(C)SSI
Fila World Tour Tennis (C) THQ
Fish's Revenge (C) Snarfblat
Florianopolis,SC (BR) Scenary for FS98
Football Masters 2003 (C) ESP Software
Ford Racing (C) Empire
Formula One 99 (C) Psygnosis
Four-Four-Two (C) SCI
Freedom First Resistance (C) Red Storm
Freedom First Resistance All Levels Cheat
Freedom First Resistance Cheats
Freedom First Resistance Speech Addon (C) Red Storm
Freedom Force (C) EA
Freedom Force Bonus Characters CD Rip
Freespace 2 v1.20 Update
G-Darius (C) Taito
G-Darius Plus 13 Trainer
G-Darius Plus 3 Trainer
G.I. Combat (C) Strategy First
Gianluca Vialli's European Manager (C) Midas
Giants Citizen Kabuto All Levels Saves
Giants Citizen Kabuto Cheats
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (C) Interplay
Giants: Citizen Kabuto Ambient Sound Addon
Giants: Citizen Kabuto Music Addon (C) Interplay
Golden Nugget
Golf Resort Tycoon 2 Trainer
GP 500 (C) Microprose
Grand Prix 3 *Movie Addon* (C) Microprose
Grand Touring (C) Empire
Grand Touring Cheat Codes
Ground Control Manual
Gunman Chronicles Full Cheats
Half-Life CD-Key Generator
Half-Life Update V1.0.0.9 to V1.0.1.0
Hard Truck 2 Codes
Harley-Davidson 2: Wheels of Freedom (C) Infogrames
Hatfields & McCoys (C) Lupine Games
Hearts of Iron (C) Paradox Entertainment
Heretic 2 v1.06 Patch Cracked
Hiarcs 8 (C) ChessBase
Hidden & Dangerous Update v1.3 Cracked
Hitman Codename 47 Cheats
Homeworld Command Line Switches
Homeworld Trainer
Hooters Road Trip (C) Ubisoft
Hooters Road Trip Cheats
Hot Wheels Bash Arena +3 Trainer
Hot Wheels Velocity X (C) THQ
House of the Dead 2 (C) Sega PC
House of the Dead 2 +2 Trainer
Hoyle Board Games 2002 (C) Sierra
Hoyle Craps and Blackjack (C) Sierra
Human Grand Prix
Imperialism 2 (C) SSI/Mndscape
Incoming Forces (C) Rage
Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine Walkthrough
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (C) LucasArts
Interstate '82 [Trip Mode Hack]
Interstate '82 (C) Activision
Jakkal: Flesh + Bones (C) Blaze Technologies
Jane's Attack Squadron (C) Xicat
Jay Jay The Jetplane: Jay Jay Earns His Wings
Jetboat Superchamps 2
Jimmy White's Cueball World (C) Virgin Interactive
Ka`Roo (C) Swing Entertaiment
King of the Hill (C) Fox Interactive
KISS Pinball (C) Wildfire Studios/On Deck Inter
Knights of the Cross (C) Cenega
Kotobuki +2 Trainer
Kotobuki C's Ware (C) Himeya Soft, Inc.
Lands Of Lore 3 Walkthrough
Leeds Official Management Game (C) Smoking Gun Productions
Legend Of Dragon Island (C) Trigger Soft.
Lego Friends (C) Lego Media
Lego Island 2 (C) Lego Media
Lego Island 2 Music Addon (C) Lego Media
Lego Island Xtreme Stunts (C) Lego Media
Lego Racers (C) Lego Media
Lightweight Ninja (C) Stardock
London Thames Racer (C) Davilex
London Thames Racer Language Selector
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (C) Vivendi Universal
Lula Insdie, The Sexy Empire (C) Interactive Strip
Mad Trax (C) Project 2 Interactive
Mah Jongg III +2 Trainer
Mah Jongg III: The Ultimate Quest (C) Data Becker
Mah Jongg: Classic Chinese Style (C) Expert
Mah-Jongg 3000 Prov v6.4.194
Majesty The Northern Expansion + 1 Trainer
Majesty The Northern Expansion Cheats
Majesty: The Northern Expansion (C) Infogrames
Manchester City Official Management Game
Mario 64
Mario Karts 64
Matchbox Rescue Rigs (C) THQ
Matchbox Rescue Rigs Levels and Feature Unlocker
Matt Hayes Fishing (C) Electronic Arts
Matt Hayes Fishing Intro (C) Electronic Arts
MDK 2 All Movies Cheat
MDK 2 God Mode Cheat
MDK2 Manual
MechWarrior 3 Pirates Moon (C) Hasbro Interactive
MechWarrior 3 Pirates Moon Trainer
MechWarrior 3 v1.2 patch (c) Microprose
Mephisto Genius99
Merlin Trivial (C) Diaspora
Microsoft Baseball 2001 (C) Microsoft
Midnight Outlaw: Illegal Street Drag (C) Valusoft
Midtown Maddness REG Fix
Midtown Madness PATCH Cracked
Might And Magic VIII Mega Trainer
Might And Magic VIII Trainer
Militarism (C) Summitsoft
MindRover:The Europa Project (C) CogniToy
Money Mad (C) Cryo
Monopoly Tycoon (C) Infogrames
Monopoly Tycoon Trainer
Monsterville (C) Cryo
Monsterville Cheats
Monsterville Movie Addon (C) Cryo
Moraffs Maximum Mahjongg
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
MotoCross Madness 2 Manual
Motocross Madness Track Pack 1 (C) Microsoft
Motor Mash (C) Ocean
MS Return of Arcade Anniversary Edition(C)Microsoft
Murder Mystery Party (C) Abacus Software
Nacah (C) Virtuesoft
Nacah Walkthrough
Nascar 2000 (C) EA Sports
Nascar Revolution (C) EA Sports
Nascar Revolution Legends unlocker
Nascar Road Racing (C) EA Sports
NASCAR Thunder 2003 (C) EA Sports
Navy Seals (C) Valuesoft
Navy Seals +2 Trainer
Navy Seals Cheats
NBA Inside Drive 2000 (C) Mircosoft
NBA Live 2003 (C) EA Sports
Nebula Fighter (C) eGames
Need For Speed 3: Use DX6 instead of DX5
Need For Speed 4: High Stakes (C) Electronic Arts
Need For Speed 4: High Stakes (C) Electronic Arts
Need For Speed 5: Porsche 2000 Unleashed (C) EA
Need For Speed: High Stakes *FULL FIX*
Need For Speed: High Stakes Cheat Codes
NHL 2000 (C) EA Sports
NHL Championship 2000 v1.1 Patch
Nickelodeon Party Blast (C) Infogrames
Nightstone (C) Virgin
Nightstone Intro-Addon (C) Virgin
Nitendo 64 Emulator & Games
No One Lives Forever (C) Monolith/Fox
No One Lives Forever Codes
No One Lives Forever Music Addon (C) Monolith/Fox
No One Lives Forever Voices Addon (C) Monolith/Fox
No One Lives Forever Win2K Patch
Nox (C) WestWood Studios
Nox Cheat Codes
Nox Trainer
NumZum (C) Soleau Software
O.R.B. Offworld Resource Base (C) Strategy First
O.R.B. Offworld Resource Base Music Addon (C) Strategy First
O.R.B. Offworld Resource Base Texture Addon (C) Strategy First
Operation Desert Hammer Cheat Codes
ORB All Missions Cheat
ORB Off World Resource Base +8 Trainer
Papyrus (C) LSP
PGA Championship Golf 1999 (C) Sierra
Pharaoh Cheats
Pharaoh Walkthrough
Pharoah Cheats
Pillars Of Garendall v1.0.2 (C) Ambrosia
Pillars of Garendall v1.0.2 Manual
Pilot (C) 1998/99 Prism Leisure/GT Value
Pinball Master (C) eGames Inc.
PlasmaWorm Trainer
Platoon (C) Strategy First
Platoon All Missions Cheat
Platoon v1.12 Update Cracked
Pontifex 2 (C) Chronic Logic
Pontifex 2 Trainer
Post Mortem (C) Microids
Post Mortem Ambient Music Speech Addon (C) Microids
Post Mortem Cutscene Addon (C) Microids
Post Mortem Intro Outro Addon (C) Microids
Primitive Wars (C) Wizard Soft / Arxel Tribe
Prince Of Persia 3D V1.1 Update Cracked
Prisoner of War Update 1 Cracked
Pro Pinball : Fantastic Journey (C) Empire
Project Nomads (C) CDV
Pusher (C) Jowood
Puzzle Bobble 2 (C) TAITO
Puzzle Bobble 4X (C) Taito
Puzzle Station (C) Ninai Games
Puzzles Battles Of The History (C) Ediciones Cataro
Qoole Reg For Eurofight
Quake 2 Sources
Quake 3 Arena KeyGen
Quake 3 Arena Launch V1.0 Final
Quake 3 Arena Post V1.19
Quake 3 Arena Update Codes and Q3DemoTest
Quake 3 V1.27g Win9XME
Quake III: Arena Map Addons (C) Mustaine
R6 Rogue Spear: Urban Ops - Campaign Fix
RailKing's Model RailRoad Simulator (C) Global Star
Rainbow Six Urban Operations Update v2.52
Rally Championship 2000 *WORKING* (C) Europress
Rally Championship 2000 Codes
Rayman 2 (C) Ubisoft
Rayman 2: The Great Escape Cheat Codes
Rayman 2: The Great Escape Saved Games
RC Daredevil (C) Real Arcade
RC Helicopter Indoor Flight Simulator (C)Summitsoft
Re-Volt Update Codes
Redline (C) Accolade
Requiem Avenging Angel v1.3 Update
Rise from Atlantis (C) eGames/Xtreme Games
Rising Sun (C) Talonsoft
Road Wars (C)Swing Entertainment/Interactive Vision
Robot Wars Extreme Destruction +3 Trainer
Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (C) BBC
Rogue Spear Manual (.PDF)
Rollcage (C) Psygnosis
Rollcage Codes
Roller Coaster Track & Scenarios Level Addons
Roller Coaster Tycoon Plus 7 Trainer
Rollercoaster Tycoon Update Codes
S-Tetris '99 1.1 (C) MR Soft
S.C.A.R.S (C) UbiSoft
Sab pro
Savage Arena (C) Rage
Search & Rescue 4: Coastal Heroes (C) Global Star
Search & Rescue: Vietnam MedEvac (C) Global Star
Search And Rescue Vietnam MedEvac Trainer
Serial Numbers
Serious Sam (C) Gathering of Developers
Serious Sam Cheats
Serious Sam Music Addon (C) Gathering of Developers
Settlers III Level Skipper (C) Devil
Seven Kingdoms 2 V 1.18 Update
Shadowman *FINAL* (C) Acclaim Entertainment
Shadowman Trainer
Sheep (C) Empire
Shogo v2.1 Update No CD Patch
Shogun: Total War Cheat Codes
Sid Meier's Antietam (C) Firaxis
Silkolene Honda Motocross GP Language Selector
Simon The Sorcerer 3D (C) Vivendi
Simon The Sorcerer 3D Music Addon (C) Vivendi
Sinistar Unleashed (C) Game FX / THQ
Ski Park Manager 2003 (C) microids
Sno-Cross Extreme (C) UDS
Sno-Cross Extreme Money Trainer
Snowboard Racer (C) Midas Interactive Entertainment
Soldier Of Fortune (C) Activision
Soldier of Fortune Codes
Soldier of Fortune Language Selector
Solitaire Deluxe for Windows 98 (C) Interplay
Soul Ride All Tracks Cheat
South Park Rally Credit Trainer & Options Unlocker
Southampton Official Management Game
Spec Ops II: US Army Green Berets (C) Ripcord
Star Trek Armada Level Cheats
Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 (C) Interplay
Star Trek Starfleet Command 2 Music Addon
Star Trek Starfleet Command III (C) Activision
Star Wars Episode 1: The Gungan Frontier (C) Lucas
Star Wars: Episode 1 Pod Racer (C) Lucas Arts
Star Wars: Episode 1 Pod Racer (C) Lucas Arts
Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (C) Lucas
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance (C) LucasArts *FIXED*
StarCraft Battle.Net Beta (C) Blizzard
Street Luge Racing (C) Headgames
Strike Fighters: Project 1 Final (C) Strategy First
Stunt GP (C) Team 17
Super Apocalypse Warriors (C) Magnet & Cosmic '98
Super Taxi Driver (C) Hemmings
Superbike 2000 (C) EA Sports
SuperCross Kings - (C) SummitSoft
SuperPower (C) Dreamcatcher
SuperPower Music Addon (C) Dreamcatcher
Survivor Ultimate (C) Infogrames
Swedish Touring Car Championship 2 (C) Digital
Swedish Touring Car Championship 2 Commentary Addon
Tank Racer (C) Grolier All Tracks & Leagues Cheat
Tank Racer (C) Grolier Interactive
Tenka (C) Psygnosis
Tennis Masters Series 2003 (C) Microids
Test Drive 5 (C) Accolade
Test Drive 5 v1.1 Patch (C) Accolade
Test Drive 5 v1.1 Patch (C) Accolade
The Aztec Empire Money Trainer
The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal (C) Bethesda
The Gladiators of Rome (C) Activision Value
The Grinch (C) Konami
The Moon Project (C) Topware Interactive
The Moon Project Codes
The Mummy Mystery (C) PERiOD
The Sims (C) Maxis
The Sims Cheat Codes
The Sims Money Trainer
The Tainted (C) Twilyt
The Tainted Money Trainer
The Unholy (C) Mutation Software
The Ward (C) Gathering of Developers/Fragile Bits
Tonic Trouble (C) UbiSoft
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Update Codes
Tony Tough (C) Got Game Entertainment
Tournament Chess (C) Global Star
Trailer Park Tycoon (C) Jaleco Entertainment
Trains and Trucks Tycoon (C) Ubisoft
Trains and Trucks Tycoon Trainer
Treasure Planet Academy (C) Disney Interactive
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon (C) Disney
Tribes 2 (C) Sierra
Tribes 2 +1 Trainer
Tribes 2 Music Addon (C) Sierra
Tzar, The Burden Of The Crown (C) Haemimont/Talon
UltraWheels Street Jam (C) Nitro Games
Unreal Tournament (C) GT Interactive **FULL CD**
Unreal Tournament DM Challenge Addon
Urban Chaos (C) Eidos
Urban Chaos Codes
Valkyrie The Magical Odyssey +9 Trainer
Valkyrie: The Magical Odyssey
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption Cheat Codes
Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption (C) Activison
Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption Music Addon
Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption Speechaddon
Viper Racing (C) Sierra Sports
Virtual Pet Slave Girls (C) BDSM
Virtual Pool 3 (C) Interplay/Celeris
Virtual Pool 3 Movie Addon (C) Interplay/Celeris
Virtual Pool Hall (C) Celeris
Virtual Springfield (C) Fox Interactive
Virtual Springfield Misc Addon
Virtual Springfield Town Anim Addon
Virtual U (C) Enlight Software
War and Peace (C) Microids
War Gods
Warhammer 40K Money Trainer (Class)
Warhammer 40K Money Trainer (Divine)
Warlords (C) Infogrames
Warlords Battlecry II (C) UBISoft/SSG
Warlords Battlecry II CutScenes (C) UBISoft/SSG
Warlords Battlecry II Intro (C) UBISoft/SSG
Warlords Battlecry II Music (C) UBISoft/SSG
Warlords Battlecry II Trainer
Warrior Kings (C) Black Cactus/Microids
Waterloo Napoleons Last Battle (C) Strategy First
Wheel of Fortune 2003 (C) Infogrames
Wheel Of Fortune 2003 +4 Trainer
Wheel Of Time Patch v333 Cracked
World Dance (C) iSeeSoft
World Dance Plus 2 Trainer
World Wide Rally Championship (C) Digital Dreams
World's Greatest Coasters 3D (C) Globalstar
Worm 2000 Plus 3 Trainer
Worms Blast (C) Team 17
WWE RAW Proper Trainer
X-Beyond The Frontier Save Game
Zoo Tycoon (C) Microsoft

Im not sure how much to ask for these, i would rather just sell the whole collection like this, in one lump sum
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 1:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't think .50 would be too happy seeing someone selling pirated games here. :/
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 2:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

erm shit, forgot about that lol, erm lets pretend its not there, if dot wants me to delete my post i will sorry for causing bother
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